Beyond Our Borders


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“Every now and then we come across an opportunity to devour something far more meaningful than the nonstop rush of travel snippets that flood the internet these days. Every now and then we come across a chance to be transported into the heart of a destination or the soul of an adventure, not only for a quick second, but for a multitude of powerful pages that so effortlessly capture our attention.”
– from the foreword by world famous travel writer and blogger, Derek “Wandering Earl” Baron

1935: Five middle-aged, middle-American women depart for pre-revolutionary Cuba, where they are enchanted by the exotic sights and sounds and food and, of course, the men.

1943: Two nice Jewish boys from Nebraska find a respite from the fighting during world War II and celebrate Rosh Hashana in an unlikely locale; Ishfahan, Iran.

1969: Every year in Siena, Italy, thousands of spectators watch the Palio di Siena, one of the most famous and exciting horse races in the world.

1972: An African safari brings a family face to face with death.

1974: A Midwestern nurse gets a peak behind the Iron Curtain during the height of the Cold War.

2004: An unlikely delegation seeks to bring a thaw to the last remaining outpost of the Cold war, Castro’s Cuba.

2017: A timid writer taking his first trip to India gets separated from his tour group. Lost and alone, will he survive one of the oldest, and holiest, lands on Earth?

These tales didn’t come from the pages of Condé Nast Traveler or National Geographic or even the travel section of The New York Times. No, these stories first appeared in a small town newspaper in Jefferson County, Nebraska, The Fairbury Journal-News. An unlikely source for such fine travel writing, to be sure, but if you are looking for a different viewpoint on world travel, these stories will take you to Europe, Asia, Canada, South America, Jerusalem, Cairo and other far off lands.


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